Former President of Guinea Bissau thanks Sir Emeka

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The Former President of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, Manuel Serifo Nhamajo, had in his capacity applauded and commended Sir Emeka Offor, the Rotary International Polio Ambassador to Nigeria and the Executive Vice Chairman of Chrome Group for his efforts and determination to rid the African continent of the scourge of polio virus. He conveyed his comments through a well-articulated communiqué dispatched to the offices of Chrome Group in Abuja.

While appreciating Sir E on his philanthropy, President Nhamajo wrote, “Myself and the people of Guinea-Bissau, wishes to commend you on your efforts, identify with you and solicit for your support to in the area of education in our country.” He further stated, “It’s my belief that we need to develop sustainable partnership to create a favorable environment to fight poverty and to seek provision of succor for the poor and needy. We are open to meet you to discuss further development.”

A copy of the letter can be read by clicking here.

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Sir Emeka Offor Donates to American International School

In his peculiar altruistic spirit of giving and his commitment to assist in building human capacity, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Chrome Group and the founder of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, the Philanthropist extraordinary, Sir Emeka Offor donated a total of 2,000,000 Million Naira to the American International School (AISA) PTA in Abuja.

The generous donation, which was made towards AISA PTA’s International Food Fair and Festival held at the Hilton Congress Hall on April 19th, 2014. In a communication addressed to Sir Emeka Offor, the AISA PTA President Dana Mendelson, said, “all the proceeds from this fund-raiser are going back to our students in the form of different school projects.” It further stated their wish to meet with Sir E. (as he is fashionably addressed) to tell him about the many projects the body is seeking to embark on and perhaps obtain his input and guidance.

On Tuesday, 20th of May, the AISA PTA representatives will be meeting Sir Emeka at his corporate headquarters at 22 Lobito Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja, a senior management has confirmed.

A letter of appreciation from AISA PTA president, Dana Mendelson, can be found in the photo gallery.

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SEOF Donates to Displaced Victims in Taraba State

SEOF Donates to Taraba Victims

As part of his efforts to ensure that the sufferings of the less privileged in society are alleviated, Sir Emeka Offor through the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation made donations to persons displaced by the attacks on people in Wukari Local Government Area (LGA) of Taraba State, Nigeria by Fulani Herdsmen.
A team from the LGA led by the leader of the Southern Taraba Elders Forum, Mr. Seth Philip was at the SEOF office in Abuja to receive the items. Members of the team include Rotarian Joshua Hassan, Col. Agbu Kefas (Rtd), Air Cdre Ibrahim Kefas (Rtd), Reverend Bulus and Mrs. Theresa Braimah.
Mr. Inno Anoliefo and Rosaline Agiamoh, both officials of Sir Emeka foundation were on ground to receive the representatives from Wukari LGA and handover the donated items.
Mr. Anoliefo in a good will message which he gave on behalf of Sir Offor, expressed his dismay and heartfelt sympathy at the unfortunate incident. He said that the Foundation will not stop its support to the community with only the items presented so far but will go on to donate educational and health materials.
The items donated include 600 bags of rice (50kg), 100 bags of beans (70kg), 600 cartons of Noodles, 300 packs of bottled water, 100 cartons of soap, 50 cartons of Dettol antiseptic and 44 family size packs of toilet paper.
The leader of the team, Mr. Seth Philip, acknowledging the receipt of the items, thanked Sir Emeka Offor and his Foundation for the kind gesture. Col. Agbu Kefas in a speech also thanked Sir Offor for the timely intervention and promised the donated items would be judiciously distributed. He called on other well-meaning Nigerians to emulate Sir Offor’s exemplary benevolence.

Educating Africa: Sir Emeka Offor Steps up to the Plate

By Doug Stone
Books for Africa


SEOF-BFA Book Distribution

A new business model is emerging in Africa and it has the potential to benefit millions of underserved people around the far reaches of the continent. The model embraces corporate social responsibility and involves business leaders giving back to the places where they built and acquired their wealth. These private benefactors are now also collaborating with NGOs and governments to advance core development needs and goals.


No better example exists than Sir Emeka Offor, a leading Nigerian businessman, who since 2011 has donated $950,000 to Books For Africa (BFA) to ship 1.7 million books and computers valued at over $18 million to children and students in 19 African countries, including his own home country Nigeria.

What is unique about Sir Emeka’s generosity beyond the size of the donation, is that his support will help people in so many different countries: large and small; Muslim and Christian; geographically diverse, land-locked and coastal, and poor countries thousands of miles from his own homeland.

Time and again, studies show that literacy and education are linked to health, wealth, and prosperity. Literacy is the foundation for a good education. However, there are many developing places in the world that do not have adequate access to reading materials to foster a culture of learning, including many communities in Africa Over the past 25 years, Books For Africa (BFA) has supplied more than 30 million books to 49 African countries. BFA could not have done so without the tremendous support from partners like Sir Emeka Offor.

Sir Emeka Offor impresses American visitors with his desire to help African compatriots to help themselves through education. His goal, he says, is to help every man, woman and child in Africa learn to read and he approaches this goal with enthusiasm, tenacity and uncommon generosity.

Sir Emeka Offor is the largest donor in the history of Books For Africa, and the largest private sector donor in the history of the program. Sir Emeka’s foundation now serves as the prototype and catalyst for other private sector companies and state governments in Nigeria, with books, computers and school supplies being provided to all areas of Nigeria with no regard to religion or ethnicity.

Significantly, Sir Emeka Offor has also paid for the logistical costs of book distributions in Nigeria, which are valued at an additional several hundreds of thousands of dollars. By establishing a warehousing hub in Southern Nigeria, Sir Emeka Offor has built a distribution machine to process huge numbers of books. More than 50 people have been hired to sort, catalog, box and distribute the donated books. This distribution center represents a best practice for how to efficiently and properly distribute large quantities of books in a single country, and has become the prototype for other donation programs in Africa.

It is not uncommon for African philanthropists to support education and literacy projects in their own countries. It is unprecedented, however, for an African business leader like Sir Emeka Offor to financially support projects of this size and scope across Africa in addition to a major book project in his home country. Projects of this scale are more often conceived and executed by government entities such as USAID, DFID, the EU, and various United Nations offices, but never by a single individual.

Sir Emeka Offor’s generosity has benefitted the following 19 African countries through book and computer donations: Nigeria, the Gambia, Somalia, Liberia, Tanzania, Namibia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Botswana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Egypt, South Sudan, Chad, Uganda and Niger.

Sir Emeka’s work is certain to inspire other African business leaders to adopt his model of philanthropy. He has hit a home run heard around the continent.

Doug Stone is an Associate at Books for Africa Headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota

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