Sir Emeka Offor Featured in British Fellowship Magazine

Manoj Soma, CEO of Choice International, BPF ambassador Anne  Wafula-Strike, MBE, Rotary International`s Polio ambassador Sir Emeka Offor and Freedom in  the Air’s Gautam LewisInternational action on Polio was top of the agenda recently, when representatives of The British Polio Fellowship attended a high level breakfast networking meeting with senior Polio delegates, at Rotary’s International Offices in London on the 30th May. Our ambassador Anne Wafula-Strike helped to ensure that the late effects of Polio and the issue of PPS were very much on the menu, with an impassioned speech to delegates, which prompted an unexpected and emotional response from many.

The event was hosted by Sir Emeka Offor, Nigerian businessman, philanthropist and Rotary Ambassador to Nigeria. Sir Emeka is Nigeria’s first ever Polio Ambassador. In addition to a significant delegation from The British Polio Fellowship, other guests included representatives from Rotary International, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Polio Children charity and all the leading lights in the fight against Polio

.Judith Diment, Chair of Rotary International Polio Advocacy Task Force gave an overview of the End Game Strategy, 2013-18 and the challenges facing the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in the remaining three endemic countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Judith reminded guests of the success in eradicating Polio in India enabling the SE Asia region to be certified Polio free in March. This means 80 per cent of the world is now Polio free. Judith also noted the recent success in Nigeria, as there have been only three cases of Polio in 2014 and the commitment of the international community expressed at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Sir Emeka delivered a measured, yet powerful speech and while not shying away from the very real problems faced by countries like Nigeria, demonstrated that hope for Polio eradication remains. Emeka also brought up the issue of supporting people Post Polio, which Anne and the delegation from The British Polio Fellowship were able to bring him and other attendees up to speed on. Some were not fully aware of the PPS legacy that Polio leaves behind and Anne was able to remind delegates that as in Britain, the fight against Polio will not end with the eradication, but rather a whole new challenge will be faced tackling the late effects of Polio and PPS in countries like Nigeria in years to come.

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