“Thank You”, RI President 2016-2017 tells Sir Offor

John Germ and Sir Emeka OfforToday, John F. Germ, President-Elect, Rotary International 2016-2017, wrote a Thank You letter to Sir Emeka Offor, acknowledging his unwavering effort towards polio eradication as Nigeria is delisted from endemic nations. 
What this means is that, should Nigeria remain free from Wild Polio Virus, we will be declared a polio free nation by 2017. John Germ however pointed out that Afghanistan and Pakistan are yet to attain Nigeria’s milestone while reminding everybody that any polio case anywhere puts the rest of the world at risk. 
He urged Sir Emeka Offor not to relent in his commitment towards the fight against Polio, as his effort so far has made it possible for Nigeria to attain zero cases of Polio infections.

Read the letter here

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