Former President of Guinea Bissau thanks Sir Emeka

Map of Guuinea Bissau

The Former President of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, Manuel Serifo Nhamajo, had in his capacity applauded and commended Sir Emeka Offor, the Rotary International Polio Ambassador to Nigeria and the Executive Vice Chairman of Chrome Group for his efforts and determination to rid the African continent of the scourge of polio virus. He conveyed his comments through a well-articulated communiqué dispatched to the offices of Chrome Group in Abuja.

While appreciating Sir E on his philanthropy, President Nhamajo wrote, “Myself and the people of Guinea-Bissau, wishes to commend you on your efforts, identify with you and solicit for your support to in the area of education in our country.” He further stated, “It’s my belief that we need to develop sustainable partnership to create a favorable environment to fight poverty and to seek provision of succor for the poor and needy. We are open to meet you to discuss further development.”

A copy of the letter can be read by clicking here.

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