Sir Emeka Offor Foundation is a non-governmental philanthropic organization whose founder, Sir Emeka C. Offor commenced in the nineties to positively render assistance to the needy in the society in various ramifications irrespective of tribe, creed, religion, and nation

Contact: Pat Plonski, 651.602.9844 (office)
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA— This year, the Nigeria-based Sir Emeka Offor Foundation sponsored the shipment of five containers of books to The Gambia. That’s 110,000 books for school children as part of Books For Africa’s “Million Books to The Gambia” campaign. (Each container holds about 22,000 books).
Books For Africa, a non-profit organization in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the world’s largest shipper of educational books to Africa.

The contingent from Trinidad and Tobago to the just concluded Abuja carnival 2012 was hosted to a dinner by the Chairman of Chrome Group, Sir Emeka Offor, at the Rockview Hotel Royale Abuja on the 29th of November, 2012.

Monday, 14 January 2013 00:00

Sir Emeka Offor: A Profile in Philanthropy


People are not poor because they choose to be. There are many able and creative individuals who could make important contributions to society if they were not mired in poverty. Those of us who have received fortune’s blessings have a moral duty and civic responsibility to help the poor and vulnerable.

Smiles lit the faces of the young students. By the truckload, they received new books, computers and materials to enrich their education and their lives.

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